Young at Heart

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Young at Heart is a program operating within the Young Terrace neighborhood of Norfolk, which is in the poorest 1% of the nation.  YAH was founded by EVMS students in collaboration with PB Young Sr. Elementary, the school located in the center of Young Terrace. The mission of YAH is to address the needs identified by the school and to provide a valuable service to the community.

YAH runs every Saturday morning at P.B. Young Sr. Elementary for kindergarten to 2nd Graders. YAH volunteers will work with 1-3 students to help them read and write, develop critical thinking skills, and provide activities that help educate the children on proper health and nutrition. YAH also focuses on providing the kids fun activities that they haven't been exposed to before, like Zumba, playing instruments, and performing science experiments.   

To watch and learn more about our organization and the community we serve, click here!

If you would like to volunteer with us, please review the YAH Training Presentation and contact an executive board member.

Executive Committee Members
President: Yasmina Abdous 

Vice President: Tom Donaldson 

Secretary: Hajara Ouattara

Treasurer: Lauren Carroll 

Staff Advisor: Mekbib Gemeda