Ultrasound Club


The mission of this club is to promote, encourage, and strengthen the use, understanding of, and skill set related to the use of ultrasound in the medical student curriculum. 

We hold multiple ultrasound sessions each semester where anyone who wants to refine their skills can come in and practice. We try to parallel our sessions with the M1/M2 modules, but there will always be stations available for you to practice all of your skills!

Students from all programs are welcome!

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Contact Eunice Wu - Wue@EVMS.edu - if you are interested in joining our email list

Our Club Constitution can be found here

RDMS Interest Group & EM US Rounds:

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Executive Committee 2019-20

President - Katherine Schaffer, MD 2022 (SchaffK@EVMS.edu)

Executive Vice President - Matt Van de Graff, MD 2022 (VandegMW@EVMS.edu)

VP Finance - Austin Smith, MD 2022 (SmithA@EVMS.edu)

VP Communications - Eunice Wu, MD 2022 (Wue@EVMS.edu)

VP Interprofessionalism - Maggie Trainor, MD 2022 (TrainoMR@EVMS.edu)

VP CME Advancement - Alex Vo, MD 2022 (VoAM@EVMS.edu)

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Goodmurphy and Dr. Toreno