EVMS Street Health

EVMS Street Health Mission Statement

Street Health is dedicated to bringing healthcare to the people on their own terms through Street Rounds, pop-up clinics in shelters and churches, and weekly breakfasts held at a local church. Our mission is to bridge the gap between this population and the healthcare system. We aim to determine and overcome the barriers that the homeless population normally face in receiving health care whether that is economic, social, or physical.


 Ongoing Projects

  • Telehealth Clinics at Freemason Street Baptist Church every Friday morning from 8-9:30AM

  • Care package assembly and distribution

  • Research projects relevant to our patient population

  • Building local resource database

  • Building health education database

  • Medicaid enrollment

  • HOPES Partnership, referrals and follow-ups

  • NEST partnership during January-March months to provide free health clinics at shelters 

2020-2021 Leadership Team

MD Facilitator: Dr. Amanda Gibson of EVMS Ghent Family Medicine

Partners: Alena Stewart, Maryanne Gathambo, CSB

Clinic Leads: Monica Hana, Blake Nowakowski, Sümer Sebik

Research Coordinator: Christine Kim

Inventory Coordinator: Tacora Lamelle

Data Coordinator: Lauren Coltrain

Patient Navigators: Katherine Schaffer, Aaliyah Joseph, Tamanna Sahni


Interested in volunteering? Have questions?

Contact us at StreetHealth@EVMS.edu

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