Phoenix Committee

Student Representatives

School of Medicine Student Chairperson

Abraham Van Voorhis (

Health Professions Student Chairperson

John Cho (


Navya Nuthivana (

Abraham Van Voorhis (


MD 2022

Elisabeth Kamano (

Tyler Fraga (


MD 2021

Becky Johnson (

Joshua Dellinger (


MD 2020

Christine Wang (

Samir Abu-Hamad (

MPA 2021

Kathryn Davidson (

Frank Chilli (

MPA 2020

Abigail Phillips (

Joshua Cartwright (


MM2 2021

Danielle Long (

Jinho Dupont (

MM1 2020

Maurielle Artis (

John Cho (


MM2 2020

Nour Mhaimeed (

Tyler Meyer (


MSA 2021

Kara O'Keefe (

Tyson Currie (


MSA 2020

Jesse Einsidler (

Art Therapy 2021

Maria Edwards (

Art Therapy 2020

Tiffany Merkel (

MPH 2020

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Serina A. Neumann, PhD


Cynthia E. Dorr, MD


Samantha Vergano, MD


Richard A. Gonzalez, PhD



Office of Academic Development

Dr. Daniel St. John, Director



Dr. Lindsay Meyers, Assistant Director



Additional Resources

EVMS Families Support Group

Grief Support
Contact: Dr. Martha Early


About  Us

Phoenix is an advocacy group to help students with their personal concerns, so that they can meet the challenges of student life. Concerns can relate to social relationships, academics, or academic relationships, and require no context. 


If you have a concern about yourself or a classmate, contact any Phoenix representative. Phoenix maintains complete confidentiality in any assistance sought.


Phoenix Committee prioritizes student confidentiality and aims to provide any resources that will benefit the student. No record will be made of your contact with a Phoenix representative, or with a referred service, and nothing will be added to your academic file. If you are not sure if Phoenix can handle your particular concern, do not hesitate to ask. To the left are the student and faculty representatives and their email addresses. 


Once contact is made with Phoenix, we will listen to your concern, and guide you on how best to proceed. This can include a referral to Student Mental Health Services (SMHS) or a number of other resources, some of which are listed below. 




Other resources available to students: 


Student Mental Health Services (SMHS)

Call 757-446-5888 to set up an appointment, press 3 for student services.

More information can be found here. Every EVMS student qualifies for 5 free sessions. 



SMART - Safety Management and Assessment Response Team

What to report: 

  • acts of violence

  • intimidation

  • unwanted pursuit

  • inappropriate contact

  • belligerant outbursts

  • ANY incident and/or behavior that raises concerns for the safety/wellbeing of any indivudal/group/integrity of property

  • (more listed in the link above)

You can report by phone, email, in person, or anonymously. Phoenix can also help you through the process or help you understand the process better. Phoenix can also report incidents/follow up on them and update you if you wish to remain anonymous. Lastly, reporting does not mean automatic consequences. An investigation will take place, and it may be sufficient to simply make the other party aware of how their actions are being perceived.