Radiation Oncology Interest Group

Who is a radiation oncologist? 

A radiation oncologist is a physician who utilizes ionizing radiation and other similar modalities to treat illness. Radiation oncologists typically work closely with medical oncologists and are responsible for determining the dosage and delivery methods of radiation to patients. Generally speaking, radiation oncology differs from radiology in that the former is mainly involved with developing treatment plans while radiologists typically handle the diagnostic aspects of patient care. 

About Us:

The Radiation Oncology Interest Group is dedicated to promoting radiation oncology as a possible career choice for medical students and educating those within the EVMS community about the specialty. Though the organization is a specialty interest group, we welcome all EVMS students to stop by and see what this amazing field has to offer! Our meetings will involve discussion of case reports and research pertaining to radiation oncology, talks from radiation oncologists here at EVMS, and workshops regarding radiation oncology residency applications. Click here to receive announcements from us!

Executive Committee:

Harrison Dai (External Chair) 

Jake Whitley (Internal Chair)

Faculty Sponsor: 

Mark S. Sinesi, MD

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