Master of Physician Assistants Class of 2019

Recent Events:
PA Week Celebration:
It's SWEET to be a PA: Professor Catherine Pearman, PA-C provided a brief welcome and shared her experience regarding transitions in the PA profession and teaching PA students.
Pumpkin bowl: The MPA class of 2019 played for the championship against the Med Masters 1-year, Med Masters 2-year, AND the MD class of 2021. The MPA 2019 men cheering squad brought home the cheering competition trophy.
Annual EVMS PA program Eugene A. Stead, MD memorial lecture and celebration: Retired Lieutenant Commander David Day, PA-C spoke on his role and experience in the U.S Navy, the transition between military and civilian life, and the potential impact of of optimal team practice as passed by the AAPA's House of Delegates.
Community Impact Day: The MPA class of 2019 volunteered their time to help improve Young Terrace Community Center by cleaning, sorting, and donating items.
Please check out our photos from these events below: