Medical Master's Class of 2021


Matt Shumway.png
DeVan Matthew Shumway 
O'Donnell, Jackson - Picture.jpg
Executive VP
Jackson O'Donnell
Eric Gullborg.JPG
VP of Finance
Eric Gullborg
Catherine Nguyen.jpg
VP of Communications
Catherine Nguyen

Class Leadership

Class Representatives 
Sonali Shirali
IT/Library Representative
Dustin Platter
Social Committee 
Brianna Armentrout
Aisha Sabir
Shumana Nyna
Phoenix Committee 
Ryan Govi 
Brianna Baldwin
Sonali Shirali 
NEST Representatives  
Mia Cranmer
Deana Kinder
Volunteer Coordinators
Timeri Jordan 
Teonna Sharpe
Course Representatives 
Human Structure 
Jackson O'Donnell 
Phavon Sage 
Professional Skills
Aidan Findley
Benjamin Chilampath
Foundational Sciences
Anisha Verma
Chad Caraway 
General Mechanisms of Disease
Bria Hall
Phavon Sage
Skin, Muscle, and Bone
Brittany Hsiao
Andrew Wickersham
Gastrointestinal System & Metabolism
Megan Ralston
Kulpreet Singh
Honor Council Representatives
Deana Kinder
Cara Breslin

Class Materials & Resources

Anonymous Forms
Please use this form to to submit any ideas, questions, concerns, complaints, etc that you would like the Executive Council to address or be aware of. 
Please use this form for any concerns, thoughts, or ideas you have for the Phoenix Committee, whose job is to address concerns related to alcohol/drug/mental health and improve student wellness.
Please use this link if you have someone you'd like to recognize for their hard work. Include a brief description of why this student or students deserve recognition so we can all share in celebrating them! 
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