Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Interest Group



The Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Med-Peds) Interest Group provides the opportunity to learn more about the combined Internal-Medicine-Pediatrics 4-year residency and specialty. Through hosting panels, guest speakers, and other events, we aim to help students build a better understanding of the specialty and provide opportunities for networking and community outreach.


If you have questions, suggestions, or ideas of what you would like to see at Med-Peds, please contact us at

Leadership Team (2020-2021)

President: Simon Maddock

Vice President: Mackenzie Barker

Secretary/Treasurer: Pierce Publico


Dr. Brooke Hooper​

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​What is Med-Peds?

Med-Peds is a 4-year residency that combines Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, making a physician eligible to complete board exams in both specialties. Physicians in the Med-Peds specialty care for patients throughout their lives and are trained to work as primary care physicians, as Internists or Pediatricians, or, with further training, as subspecialists in Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Immunology, Women’s Health, etc. For example, a Med-Peds physician may build life-long relationships caring for patients with Sickle Cell Disease starting at birth and continuing throughout adulthood. Med-Peds provides a unique and versatile experience that offers physicians flexibility and the opportunity to pursue long-term care with their patients.






Med-Peds collects dues with Family Med IG, Peds IG, and Internal Med IG. Returning members must pay dues each school year. Please Venmo @Pierce-Publico with Med-Peds as the description or pay Pierce Publico in cash.


$8 for only Med-Peds

$14 for Med-Peds plus one other Interest Group

$18 for Med-Peds plus two other Interest Groups

$20 for all four Interest Groups (IMIG, Family Med, Peds, Med-Peds)