MD 2018

Class Calendar
Class Leadership

Executive Board

President: Eric Lehrer
Vice President: Brock Hashim 
Secretary: Elliot Koo
Treasurer: Glen Hookey
AAMC Representative: Kendall J. Shaw 

Honor Council
Michael Patrone

Garrison Glavich

Masooma Raza

Joiceann Compton

Clinton Westover


Clerkship Representatives

Family Medicine: 

   Michael Patrone, Craig Cromer

   Liaison: Eric Lehrer


Internal Medicine: 

   Troy Pleasant, Rahim Dhanani

   Liaison: Gerry Ovide



   Eric Hayley, Juliet Carter

   Liaison: Glen Hookey


   Anthonia Ojo, Thanh Nguyen

   Liaison: Elliot Koo



   Kelly Willet, Erin Wynings

   Liaison: Christina Dillon



   Zak Shinton, Rhiannon Bradshaw

   Liaison: Brock Hashim

Class Representatives

Social Committee 
   Jekka Nieto

   Sophia Urban

   Emily Peterson

Curriculum Committee Chair

   Christina Dillon 


Human Values in Medicine Committee

   Evan Dombrosky

   Sophia Urban

   Erin Wynings


Student Affairs Representative

   Lucie "Tex" Ford 


Student Progress Committee Representative

  Kevin Yoon 


Library/IT Representative

   Dylan Golomb 


Phoenix Committee

   Daniel Young 

   Dhara Shah 

    Rahim Dhanani 


Alumni Relations

    Cameron Brawley 


MNTS Student Manager

   Garrison Glavich 

Course Feedback, Exam Question Challenges, and Complaint Form

General Curriculum Feedback


Clerkship Challenge Forms:


Grievance and Complaint Form
The Executive Council will represent the thoughts and concerns of the individual. The complainant will remain anonymous to all other parties.

Class Materials & Resources