IHI Open School at EVMS


Founded in Cambridge, MA (1991), the  Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) improves health care delivery by training health care professionals to identify problems and giving them the tools to solve them. What are these "tools"? The IHI Open School offers a set of 16 online courses that give students the skills to become agents of change in health care, centered around quality improvement, patient safety, teamwork, leadership, and patient-centered care. Employers look for these skills and patients expect providers to have them, but most schools barely touch on these topics.  In 2015, EVMS became the first school in the nation to require all medical students to complete IHI's Basic Certificate courses. 

Executive Committee 2020-2021



Clinical Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard M. Bikowski and Dr. Margaret Baumgarten

Education Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paul F. Aravich

IHI in Medical Neuroscience

Neuroscience course director Dr. Paul F. Aravich stresses the importance of physicians being proactive in their community. His M1 students must complete the IHI Leadership 101 module and write a "Leadership Proposal in the Clinical Neurosciences" concept paper. This relates to the Flexner call to train social change agents who are leaders for the greater good of the community. Dr. Aravich encourages students to go a step further by completing an IHI Dignity and Respect module and writing a second concept paper on this topic. This helps students to understand the core principles of bioethics that Dr. Aravich incorporates into his course, as well as the complex ethical issues surrounding basic and clinical neuroscience.