Honor Council

The Student Body of EVMS conducts its affairs by means of an honor system. This is done in the belief that responsible professional behavior in the Health Professions is developed and nurtured in a maturing process of student self-government. In the spirit of human values in medicine philosophy, and implicit in such an honor system, is the fostering of a sense of trust in the EVMS community. Each student subscribes to the honor system by signifying in writing his/her support at the time of matriculation. On entering EVMS, each student shall sign and abide by the Honor Code and rules of enforcement.


Executive Committee

Matthew Saunders, Chair 
Jonathan Taylor-Fishwick, Vice-Chair 

Alexandra Blake, Health Professions Representative 

Alexander Vo, Secretary

Timothy Kearney, Education Coordinator 

Faculty Advisors


School of Medicine: Dr. Michael Solhaug 

School of Health Professions: Prof. Jayne Penne

Student Representatives

MD 2020

Signe Braafladt 

Jay Clark 

James Coxe 

Megan O'Connor

Walker Prillaman

MD 2021

Matthew Saunders 
Claire Kimberly 
Kevin Houston
Jonathan Taylor-Fishwick 
Christina Smith

MD 2022

Joseph Bannister 

Stafford Brown 

Timothy Kearney 

Evan Straub 

Alex Vo 

MD 2023

MPA 2020

Tracey Ly

Jennifer Sanders 

MPA 2021

Aliison Downey 

Amy Large 

MPH 2020

Kayla Dennis

Biomedical Sciences

Maimoona Bhutta 

MM1Y 2020

MM2Y 2020

ATC 2020

ATC 2021