Global Health Coalition


Who We Are

Welcome to the GHC! Our mission is to promote EVMS in education, experience, and community outreach related to global health. We aim to help members develop the skills, knowledge, experience, and ethical foundation necessary to effectively and justly participate in the health care of our global community. 


What We Do

The GHC supports EVMS student interest in global health by organizing educational opportunities, career information, community outreach, and advocacy. We work with students, faculty, the M. Foscue Brock Institute for Community and Global Health, and local and global community partners. 



Our Values

Practicing medicine in diverse socio-cultural and geopolitical circumstances requires emphasized consideration for values and ethics that help maintain our existing core ethical principles in a global setting. Our values are the compass with which we navigate the world!


Here's the World Medical Association's Declaration of Geneva, outlining foundational principles held by physicians across the world: Declaration of Geneva 


As GHC members, we aim to embody respect, humility, compassion, sensitivity, scholarship, diversity, and cultural competency.



Our Constitution (link)



Executive Committee

Daniel Favaro 

Katharine Hopkins 

Erin Bartholomew 

Lauren Carroll 

Da'keesha Jones 


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Alexandra Leader 






Want to get involved?



 EVMS Global Health Coalition


EVMS-sponsored International Opportunities 

These boxes will have more updated information soon! 

EVMS-sponsored Global Health Opportunities 

M. Foscue Brock Institute’s Community and Global Health Projects Database

  • This database tracks ongoing community health projects and partnerships here at EVMS. Check it out here!


4th year OB/GYN elective and exchange program with Bar Ilan Medical School in Sfat, Israel

  • Contact: Dr. Winchester, EVMS OB/GYN dept

  • More information here


4th year Physicians for Peace international elective​

  • Contact: Dr. Paul Aravich​

  • More information here + here


Potential sites for summer, spring break, scholarly leave and 4th year activities

  • Dominican Republic

  • Kolkata, India

  • Acapulco, Mexico

  • Belize City

  • Kenya

  • Haiti

  • El Paso, Texas

  • Contact: Dr. Alex Leader

Non-EVMS Global Health Opportunities 

Medical Spanish Course Resource List

  • Hyperlink to comprehensive database from University of Wisconsin School of Medicine


Hispanic-Serving Health Professions Schools (HSHPS) 

  • Grant for $200/week, $25/week Local Travel Costs, $500 International Travel Costs 

  • Application Deadline - February 24 


Benjamin H. Kean Traveling Fellowship in Tropical Medicine 

  • Grant for round-trip Airfare, $1000 stipend 

  • Application Deadline – March 7 


AMSA – International Health Opportunities Database


Yantaló Foundation - Yantaló, Peru 

  • No program fee, Unpaid (total living costs <$80/week)
  • Independent projects, research, and clinic work/shadowing 

  • Talk to Steven Feng ( or Naresh Sundaresan ( for more info. 


Unite for Sight 

  • No program fee, Unpaid 


World Health Organization 

  • No program fee, Unpaid,

  • Application Deadline - January 31 


World Camp for Kids – Lilongwe, Malawi

  • HIV education with primary school children

  • Independent projects/research within villages surrounding Lilongwe, Malawi​


Child Family Health International 

  • Global health programs and rotations


Foundation for Sustainable Development 

  • Global health programs and rotations