Our Mission

  • The Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) recognizes individuals who are exemplars of humanistic patient care and who can serve as role models, mentors, and leaders in medicine. GHHS honors medical students, residents, fellows, role-model physician teachers and others who demonstrate excellence in humanistic clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service.

  • Membership in GHHS goes beyond selection and induction into an honor society. Its members have a responsibility to model, support, and advocate for compassionate, patient-centered care throughout their careers. The creation of a GHHS chapter signifies to the medical community that an institution places high value on the interpersonal skills and attitudes that are essential for the highest level of patient care.



Congratulations to the Gold Humanism Honor Society Induction Class of 2021!

Upcoming Events:

GHHS 2021 Induction Ceremony: April 15th

(More info on upcoming events and activities will be posted here)

Chapter Leadership

Faculty Advisors:

Allison Knight, PhD

Sahira Humadi, MD

Student Executive Council

Chair: Emily Egress

Vice Chair: Ursula Griffiths-Randolph

Secretary: Amanda Severn 


 Induction Class of 2021

  • MS3 Students: Dana Baraki, Emily Breeding, Stafford Brown, Candler Clawson Abigail Fariscal, Nicole Feng, Tyler Fraga, Kathy Hopkins, Alex Im, Ramneek Kaur, Lauren Keenan, Brianna Kelly, LaKeisha Majette, Sid Mohan, Caroline Morgan, Christian Sanchez, Katherine Schaffer, Aaron Snow, Ariana Spiegel, Patricia Timothee, Amanda Tosi, Matthew Van de Graaf, Hailey Vann

  • Residents: Mutaz Alkalbani, MBBS (Internal Medicine), Blair Dodson, MD (Internal Medicine/Radiology), Caroline Mears, DO (Internal Medicine), Ricardo Rendel, MD, MS (Surgery), Abigail Winz, MD (Radiology), Anu Zavelsky, MD (Obstetrics/Gynecology)

  • Faculty: Aaron Mills, DO (Internal Medicine), Dionne Palmer, MD (Pediatrics), Kyrie Shomaker, MD (Pediatrics), Laurie Wellman, PhD (Pathology and Anatomy)


Honoring Acts of Humanism


Know someone worth recognizing for their humanism and acts of kindness? Nominate them using the link above and they'll be featured below!

Honoring Migseg Sanchez (Pediatric Resident)

"I genuinely felt like a part of the team during my rotation, and I owe a lot of that to your leadership. I felt like you took my plan suggestions seriously and advocated for me in front of the team. You were so engaging and kind to everyone, from nursing to medical student to pharmacist-- I was told by multiple people during that rotation to "be a resident like Migseg."

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Are you new to the EVMS community? Are you a member of GHHS? If so, we would love to hear from you! Please email one of our student leaders so that we can connect you with our GHHS network at EVMS.