EVMS REMEDY is a new student group that is working to recycle medical equipment for distribution to both local and global organizations. Our primary task is to foster connections between groups that are able to give (for example, medical professionals and grieving loved ones) and those that are in need of these medical supplies (NGO’s, underserved individuals in the community). We live in a disposable culture of excess, and redistributing usable equipment to those that do not have enough is extremely important for the sustainability of our world. To do this, we have three main areas of mobilization: Receiving, Storage, and Distribution. We are just getting off the ground in these efforts, but have begun with the PICU at CHKD and are looking forward to expanding! The outcome of this effort will be a flow of recyclable medical equipment to places and people in need (both locally and globally) as local is global and global is local! If you are interested in joining these efforts, please feel free to contact any of the board of directors. Thank you!

Executive Committee: 2018-2019

Chase LaRue (MM2019) 

Ethan McGann (MD2021) 

Alex Schmitt (MD2021) 

Amanda Severn (MD2021) 


Executive Committee: 2017-2018

Jeremy Samuels (MD2020) 

Ruth Stockton (MD2020) 

Kerri Kraft (MD2020) 

Alex LaFever (MD2020) 

Ellen Dowling (MD2020)