EVMS REMEDY is a student group dedicated to recycling medical equipment in order to reduce medical waste and address health disparity. We work with local community partners and the Global Health program to reallocate excess and unwanted medical equipment to communities that have a need for it. We live in a disposable culture of excess, and redistributing usable resources to those that do not have access is extremely important for the sustainability of our world. The outcome of our initiative will be a flow of recyclable medical equipment to places and people in need (both locally and globally) as local is global and global is local! If you are interested in joining these efforts, please feel free to contact any of the members of the executive board.

Executive Committee: 2020-2021

Co-President: Elizabeth Beverly

Co-President: Vaisali Chilamkurthy

Vice President: Elizabeth Li

Secretary: Navya Nuthivana

Marketing and Social Media: Ameera Farooqi

Inventory Managers: Marc Nepomuceno & Saritha Attanagoda 

Pod Leaders: Haley Barker & Tacora Lemelle