EVMS Journal Club


The mission of this club is to provide a professional environment in which students can learn and practice evaluating and presenting medical research to better equip themselves for evidence-based practice.


Really what that means is: We meet once per month and discuss articles sent out via email. We evaluate them and try to determine: Validity of the study, Do the results make sense, Applicability to patient populations, etc. Typically we will have a student and a physician collaborate to lead the discussion of the article.


The idea is that the best practices in medicine are based on strong scientific evidence, and we want to be skillful and efficient at evaluating what is and isn't good science. We will be doing this for clerkships, residency and the rest of our careers, so why not learn and practice now?


Students from all programs are welcome! Please email any one of the Executive Committee to get on our email list.





















Executive Committee 2018-2019

President - Sudarshan Mohan, MD2022 

Vice President - Nicole Feng, MD2022 

Treasurer - Stephen Johnston, MD2022 

Secretary - Bryce Aidukaitis, MD2022

Faculty Advisor: April Pace 


Contact Us at journalclubevms@gmail.com



Online Resources

We keep a Google Drive folder with up to date copies of presentations and articles, as well as additional materials for anyone wishing to go further in depth than any of our presentations. Link Below





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