EVMS Families

EVMS Families Club is intended to unite the previously established support groups (parents and significant others/spouses) into one club that is recognized formally.

What do we do:

  • Provide a social support system for the community of EVMS students who are balancing medical school with family, including partners, fiancees, spouses, and/or children. Our club intends to include all of the programs at EVMS in its membership.

  • Provide meals for students with newborn babies while in medical school.

  • Plan events that bring together the families of EVMS to support each other, build new friendships, share the unique challenges of being medical students with families, and, of course, relax and have fun.


Please check this page frequently for updates on news and events

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Did you know?

    ...that you can have your financial aid award amount increased to cover the costs of childcare? This dollar-for-dollar increase in your student loans limit is a valuable option to find that extra cash for those who need help covering the cost of preschool or daycare. Ask financial aid for more info.