Business In Medicine Club


The mission of this club is to provide students with opportunities to learn about the business and financial aspects of medicine and healthcare. 

We will be holding multiple meetings on various topics including: Loan re-payment strategies, negotiating contracts after residency, investing, the inner workings of insurance reimbursements, running a medical practice effectively, and many more!

We will also have networking events to provide students with the opportunity to talk with local physicians about their experiences with the "business of medicine" in a relaxed environment.

To be added to our e-mail listserve, contact Randall Bloch

Executive Committee 2018-19

President - Randall Bloch, MD 2021 

Vice President - Nikhil Bayya, MD 2021 

Vice President of Membership and Outreach - Joel Kleinberg, MD 2021 

Upper Class Club Advisor - Sebastiano Buccheri, MD 2020 

Upper Class Club Advisor - Catherine Pang, MD 2020 

Upper Class Club Advisor - Nesha Niezrecki, MD 2021