Other Subcommittees 

Many other committees at EVMS desire student input. Student government works to appoint interested students to these committees to serve as representatives of the entire student body.  The following students serve on these committees to expand the student voice at EVMS.

Board of Visitors
Student Representatives

Academic and Student Affairs Subcommittee of the Board of Visitors requests to have student representation at each one of their quarterly meetings. This important position helps to facilitate communication between student affairs, administrations, SGA and the BOV. This position will be filled by the highest ranking MD and HP students on the SGA Executive Committee.

Building Planning Committee
Student Representatives

One MD and one HP student will be selected to serve on the building planning committee which encompasses other EVMS administration, faculty and staff. This position involves assisting the planning committee with ideas, questions and information 

regarding to the new EVMS building which will be used for MD/HP academics coming in the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Academic Capital Projects Advisory Committee

Student representation on the Academic Capital Project Advisory Group: One MD student, who will communicate with MD and HP peers through SGA, to serve. The Group will make recommendations on capital projects (> $10,000) to improve infrastructure aligned with our core missions in the areas of administration, facilities, research, academics, and/or information technology. The Group will meet approximately monthly from October-February.