Mission Statement of the EVMS SGA

The EVMS Student Government Association exists to promote leadership, service and a sense of solidarity between the various classes and organizations at Eastern Virginia Medical School. As the head of student government, our role is to represent the EVMS student body to the staff, faculty, administration and alumni. Our strategic goals are to better our school, our community and our society at large by encouraging social responsibility and supporting active participation in student government, student organizations and service to our communities. We believe in an open culture of progress and change; and, ultimately as a group, we believe that we can foster and help sustain efforts that lead us all towards a better and brighter future.  

Executive Leadership

Riley Suter (he/him)
Niaz Atif.jpg
Atif Niaz
Alnaif Sarah.jpg
Sarah Alnaif
Gullborg Eric.jpg
Eric Gullborg

Student Body President


Student Body Vice President

MD 2025

Vice President of Administration

MD 2024

Vice President of Finances

MD 2025

Hi, Everyone! My name is Riley. I am an M4 and former MM from South Bend, IN, and this year I will be serving as the Student-Body President.  I'm looking forward to working with all of the elected leaders to help guide EVMS's policies and make sure they are fair to all students.  

Howdy everyone! My name is Atif Niaz and I am an M2 from Alpharetta, GA! This year, I am fortunate to serve as the Student Body Vice-President of Clubs and Organizations. I look forward to working with everyone, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on a student organization, or if I can help with anything in general!

Hello! My name is Sarah Alnaif, and I'm a current M3 from Chesapeake, VA. I will be serving as the VP of Administration this year. Please reach out if there are any policy changes that you would like to see at EVMS!

Hello everyone! My name is Eric Gullborg and I am an M2 from the suburbs of Chicago. I am a part of the MD class of 2025 and will be serving SGA as the VP of Finances. I look forward to managing the finances and best applying them to assist in advancing the mission and works of each class of EVMS. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions/ideas regarding school or class monies!

Damonie Salmon
Leung Evan.jpg
Evan Leung 
SGA pic 2019.jpg
Lauren Coltrain
Stefan Edemobi

VP of Health Professions

Hey everyone! My name is Damonie Salmon and I am in the MM Class of 2023. I will be serving as the VP of Health Professions, and thus the point person in SGA to aid all elected leaders of the various Health Professions Programs.

VP of Community Outreach

My name is Evan Leung and I am the VP of Community Outreach. My main roles will be developing outreach events and organizing this year's Community Care Day. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to organize or promote school-wide community outreach events.

VP of Wellness

My name is Lauren Coltrain and I am the VP of Wellness for this year. I will be working on events that promote student well being throughout the year. Please contact me if you have any ideas for school-wide wellness events!

VP of Diversity

My name is Stefan Edemobi. I am part of the MD Class of 2023 and serving SGA as VP of Diversity, a new role this year. I'm looking forward to working towards a more inclusive environment for all. Please reach out if you would like to talk about ideas to make that happen!