Contact the SGA

Questions, comments, or concerns? Look below to find the SGA officer responsible for the area that correlates with your question and send them a message. The SGA Executive Officers look forward to following-up with you to help address your needs.

Riley Suter

Student Body President

MD 2023

For questions or concerns not listed under the other SGA Executive Offices contact Riley at

Niaz Atif.jpg
Atif Niaz

Student Body Vice President

MD 2025

For questions on Clubs & Organizations contact Atif at

Alnaif Sarah.jpg
Sarah Alnaif

Vice President of Administration

MD 2024

For questions on Event Medley, Changes to the Calendar or Promotion of Events, contact Sarah at

Gullborg Eric.jpg
Eric Gullborg

Vice President of Finances

MPA 2022

For questions on Finances, Budget and Reimbursements contact Eric at

Damonie Salmon

VP of Health Professions

For questions on Health Professions Programs & Champions Cup contact Damonie at

Leung Evan.jpg
Evan Leung

VP of Community Outreach

For questions on Community Service Events & Outreach contact Evan at

SGA pic 2019.jpg
Lauren Coltrain

VP of Wellness

For questions on Student Affairs, Wellness Programs and School Maintenance contact Lauren at coltral@EVMS.EDU

Stefan Edemobi

VP of Diversity

For questions on Inclusivity Initiatives contact Stefan at