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The New Student Organization Application should be submitted for all new clubs and student organizations looking to seek approval from the SGA as required by the Office of Student Affairs. Please refer to the New Student Organization Criteria for Approval before submitting an application. Applications will be reviewed by the SGA Vice President and presented at a meeting of the Student Organizations Subcommittee. A member of the student organization submitting the application will need to attend the subcommittee meeting, which is usually just prior to the regular SGA meeting.




An SGA Grant Application can be submitted for any student organization looking to seek funding of up to $250 from the SGA to further their club's mission. 

If your student organization is looking to acquire funding to further a community service initiative, the Office of Student Affairs will consider requests that further EVMS' mission to be the 'most community oriented medical school in the nation.' Please review the Student Fund Guidelines before filling out the Student Fund Application. For any other questions, please contact Joann Bautti.

Community Outreach Grant - Community Outreach is defined as an activity conducted outside a traditional, institutional, or framed population with the purpose of providing direct services, referrals, programs, or education. The Community Outreach Mini Grants are available to students who wish to conduct a service, program/project, or activity in the community. The following programs are eligible to apply: MD, Art Therapy, Medical Masters, Biomedical Science, Biomedical PhD, SA, MPH, MPA, MCHA, and PATHA.  Applications need to be submitted 30 days prior to an activity/event. Applicants will get notification of approval or denial 1 week after submission and review by a committee.

Either the Club/ Class Meeting Application (2 weeks prior to a meeting) or the Club/ Class Events & Fundraising Application (4 weeks prior to event) need to be submitted prior to events via these forms to the Office of Student Affairs for event approval to allow student organizations use of the funds in their checking accounts or funds granted by the SGA.  The meeting application form also serves as the room reservation request for rooms on campus. Contact Joann Bautti in Student Affairs with any questions or concerns about this process, or if your club has extenuating circumstances. 

To establish tax exempt status, please use the EVMS Tax Exempt Form. For more information, please contact Taylor Rickenbaker

Requirements for organizations to be recognized by the SGA and Office of Student Affairs

  • Complete an End-of-year reporting form to the SGA at the conclusion of the Spring semester to provide updates on what the student organization has completed over the semester and stay current with SGA requirements

  • Maintain an updated constitution with the SGA that details the student organization’s purpose, officer positions, and details regarding annual election of officers.

  • Maintain four or more yearly activities. The Fall Club Fair, Spring Club Fair, Fall Leadership Workshop, and the student organization’s executive officer meetings do not count toward this requirement.

  • Present at both the Fall and Spring Club Fairs.

  • Participate in the Fall Leadership Workshop event

  • Complete an annual student outreach event, which can be planned by the student organization, SGA-sponsored, or institutional-sponsored

  • Maintain an active EventMedley website with the names of current leadership, contact information, and calendar of events.

  • Hold annual officer elections to transition leadership for the upcoming academic year. Elections must be held no later than April 30th of each year and must be reported on the Spring semester reporting form to the SGA.


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