Biomedical Sciences

The biomedical sciences program at EVMS includes students from the Biotechnology Master's Program, the Biomedical Sciences Research Master's Program, and the Biomedical Sciences PhD Program

Student Government Association Representatives

President: Diana Bohannon

Vice President: Austin Adkins

Secretary: Nigeste Carter

Tresurer: Caitlin Clark

Please see the Biomedical Sciences Student Organization (BSSO) EventMedley page for updated information. 

Class Materials & Program Forms

Lecture Videos. Visit the Accordent Video Portal (instructions). To change the play speed, use Internet Explorer (download the latest version).


Program Forms. Research Master's | PhD. The program forms PDFs includes all forms needed throughout your program, including seminar attendance forms. 


Off-Campus Journal Access via PubMed. EVMS has a sizeable subscription to academic journals which are useful for your research, papers, and exams. If you want to access them from off-campus, log in here with your EVMS credentials.