Biomedical Sciences

The biomedical sciences program at EVMS includes students from the Biomedical Sciences Research Master's Program and the Biomedical Sciences PhD Program

Student Government Association Representatives

President: Andrew Pearson

Vice President: Natalie Stahr

Treasurer: Katherine Routon

Please see the Biomedical Sciences Student Organization (BSSO) EventMedley page for updated information. 

Class Materials & Program Forms

Lecture Videos. Visit the Accordent Video Portal (instructions). To change the play speed, use Internet Explorer (download the latest version).


Program Forms. Research Master's | PhD. The program forms PDFs includes all forms needed throughout your program, including seminar attendance forms. 


Off-Campus Journal Access via PubMed. EVMS has a sizeable subscription to academic journals which are useful for your research, papers, and exams. If you want to access them from off-campus, log in here with your EVMS credentials.