BEACH Buddies



B.E.A.C.H. Buddies stands for Be A Cancer/Hematology Buddy and is a program designed to help out the CHKD Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Unit. This program gives EVMS students the opportunity to engage with pediatric patients while they are undergoing treatment for cancer and hematological disorders. We hold fun monthly events for the kids and have visiting times for students to go hang out with kids while they are undergoing treatment in the outpatient clinic on the 2nd floor or the inpatient clinic on the 8th floor. 


Big buddies who have gone through orientation are allowed to sign up and visit the clinic during the weekdays. The link below is where you will sign up so that we don't have too many people going to the clinic. The number of slots indicate the number of students who can visit that day, which is based on patient census each clinic day. The spreadsheet will be updated weekly. If you have arranged to visit your little buddy in clinic through the parents, you do not have to sign up. This spreadsheet is for people who do not have a buddy or want to visit the clinic on days when their own little buddy isn't there. 


The best time to visit the clinic is in the morning. After 1 p.m., activity in the clinic slows down and patients go home. The starting time slots will be between 11am-1pm but may change as the year progresses.


When you visit the Blood Disorder and Cancer Center on the second floor of CHKD, please bring your student ID, do not wear your white coat or scrubs, and let them know you are from B.E.A.C.H. Buddies at the front desk.  Please DO NOT go to the clinic if you are sick. 

We will update the following spreadsheet when we find out when clinic days are open: Clinic Sign-Up Sheet


Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing one of the exec members below! Thanks so much for all that you do! We know that the kids really appreciate it!


Whitney Fidelis-Nwaefulu

Mackenzi McHugh

Jamie Parkerson

Evan Straub

Sophie Willey



John Slepchuk


Kristen Peterson


Emily Egress

Executive Committee