Art & Medicine Club


Art and Medicine is a student-led group here at EVMS dedicated to fostering humanism in medical education and practice. We hope to educate and expose students as to how the disciplines of art and medicine are intertwined, and how this collaboration can benefit both clinician and patient. During the 2018-2019 year, we also plan to promote student wellness by offering campus-wide opportunities for personal expression via various art modalities such as visual arts, dance, music, creative writing, etc.


Additionally, students can engage with local artists in the community by volunteering with Tidewater Arts Outreach (TAO), whose mission is “to share the joy and healing power of the arts with individuals in health and dependent care environments" through training, advocacy and outreach. There are weekly opportunities to participate in programs such as a percussion workshop at a nursing home or an arts and crafts night at a domestic violence shelter with children and their mothers.

Executive Committee 2019-20:

President - Eunice Wu, MD 2022

Vice President - Sam Son, MD 2022 

VP Finance - Linda He, MD 2022 



 Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paul Aravich