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EVMS Chapter of The American PTSD Association

Fighting PTSD, Together!

The American PTSD Association (APTSDA) is a nonprofit organization that aims to raise awareness of PTSD by providing educational content to members of medical teams and distributing resources to individuals suffering from PTSD in the community. 


With PTSD awareness workshops, we aim to provide the healthcare team with detailed information regarding how to diagnose and understand challenges that PTSD patients are dealing with. In our community outreach branch, our goal is to arrange regular meetings for those dealing with PTSD and their loved ones, as well as a platform to communicate and find social support. 

APTSDA is open to all EVMS students to join different teams as a volunteer to assist with ongoing projects or run as an executive board member.

Our Teams and projects:

Education Team:

  • Develop Trauma informed Care module

  • Develop workshops and handouts

Community Outreach Team:

  • Establish and maintain Interorganizational relationships

  • Patient Recruitment 

  • Manage Press-release and social media presence

Patient Continuity Team:

  • Develop PTSD Roadmap

  • Develop PTSD Resource List

  • Patient Follow-up

Interested in Joining APTSDA?

Meet our Team:

  • President - Amir Hasani MD24

  • Vice president - Wais Mojadedi MD24

  • Secretary - 

  • Treasury - 

  • Education Director - Monica Ethirajan MD24

  • Community Outreach Director -

  • Patient Continuity Director - Morgan Shelton MD24

  • Faculty Advisor - Mary Roberts, PhD

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Meeting ID: 962 5316 1059
Passcode: 362405