Alpha Omega Alpha National Honor Society

Virginia Gamma Chapter


“Be Worthy to Serve the Suffering”

Alpha Omega Alpha is the national medical honor society and was founded

in 1902. Since then, there have been more than 150,000 members elected into

the society. More than fifty Nobel Prize winners in Physiology, Medicine,

and Chemistry have been AΩA members.  Election into Alpha Omega Alpha is

a lifelong honor signifying a commitment to scholarship, leadership,

professionalism, and service.  AΩA is dedicated to the belief that in the

profession of medicine we will improve care for all by recognizing high

educational achievement, honoring gifted teaching, encouraging the

development of leaders in academia and the community, supporting the ideals

of humanism, and promoting service to others.


The top 25 percent of a medical school class is eligible for nomination to the society, and up to 16 percent may be selected based on leadership, scholarly achievement, community service, and professionalism.  Members may also be elected by chapters after demonstrating scholarly achievement and professional contributions and values during their careers in medicine. Distinguished professionals may also be elected to honorary membership.


This selection process was taken from the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical National Honor Medical Society website


Junior members are elected during the spring of M3 year, with Senior members elected during the fall of M4 year.

From students within the top 25% of the medical school class, eligibility and criteria for selection are as follows:


  • Junior AΩA: preclinical grades (35%), clerkship grades (25%), and CV (40%)

  • Senior AΩA: preclinical grades (25%), clerkship grades (35%), and CV (40%)


  • CVs are evaluated and scored based on leadership, honors and awards, research experience, extracurricular activities, community outreach, and miscellaneous factors (professionalism and CV compliance with stated parameters).

  • All candidates must be in good professional standing as determined by the Office of Medical Education and Student Affairs.

  • All candidates must embody the founding principles of AΩA, including a commitment to scholarship, leadership, service, honor, and professionalism.

  • All nominations and supplementary materials must be submitted by the published deadlines. No exceptions will be made regardless of circumstance.

  • All decisions regarding the selection of new Junior and Senior AΩA members are final. Candidate scores and evaluations are anonymous and will not be released to the candidate. There will be no appeals or review of candidate evaluation and selection.

  • All candidates must have all their professionalism points and no pattern of professionalism infractions (i.e. losing 3 or more professionalism points, regardless of remediation).

  • Students must have no honor code violations. 


An annual induction ceremony to recognize new membership takes place in May.


Faculty Advisor

Rebecca C. Britt MD, FACS

Professor, Department of Surgery

Eastern Virginia Medical School


Chapter President: Kelly Rogers 

Chapter Vice President: Justin Aflatooni 



Class of 2020

Junior AΩA Members

  • Justin Aflatooni

  • Benjamin Campbell

  • James Coxe

  • Blair Dodson

  • Christian Klein

  • J. Bradley Mason

  • Jerrah Pickle

  • Kelly Rogers

  • Kimberly Seymour


Class of 2019

Senior AΩA Members

  • Ryan Canter

  • Meghan Carter

  • Evan DaBreo

  • William Day

  • Margot Gurganus

  • Stephen Hadford

  • Megan Howard

  • David Musher

  • Andrew Paisley

  • Rachel Seaman

  • Kathryn Sommese

  • Morgan Stonecypher

  • Lindsey Vignali

  • Nicholas Visos


Class of 2019

Junior AΩA Members

  • Daniel Berman

  • Zach Braig

  • Ryan Cousins

  • Michael Lee

  • Samuel Lee

  • Katrina Marcinkowski

  • Brian Phelps

  • Gordana Rasic

  • Jessica Sheehan


Class of 2018

Senior AΩA Members

  • Christopher Armstrong

  • John Atiyeh

  • Michael Binder

  • Craig Brawley

  • Danielle Cobb

  • Amber Collier

  • Rahim Dhanani

  • Tyrell Gardner

  • Glen Hookey

  • Michael Patrone

  • Emily Peterson

  • Broc Schindler

  • Lauren Wilson

  • Erin Wynings

  • Clinton Yeaman


Class of 2018

Junior AΩA Members

  • Michael Cammarata

  • Taylor Crist

  • James Etheridge

  • Ashley Hafer

  • Brock Hashim

  • Eric Lehrer

  • Sonia Sajja

  • Tyler Simpson

  • Niket Todi


Class of 2017

Senior AΩA Members                       

  • Umer Ansari

  • Carmel Bellacose

  • Hatcher Cox

  • Shannon Maj

  • Julie Myers

  • Neiman Paw

  • Amy Roach

  • Izumi Suzuki

  • Katelyn Tripod

  • Matthew Tripod

  • Elisa Troyer

  • Matthew Van Winkle

  • Andrew Wang

  • Scott Whitlock


Class of 2017

Junior AΩA Members

  • Ryan Barnes

  • Jessica Churchill

  • Joshua Hudson

  • Hayley James

  • Jessica Johnson

  • Daniel McBride

  • Peter Van Steyn

  • Charles Wang

  • Bree Ann Young



News & Events

If you are a first, second, or third-year medical student interested in contacting an AΩA student for guidance, please feel free to contact any of the student members of the AΩA Chapter at EVMS.