Phoenix Committee

Student Representatives

MD 2017
Jenny Lee

MD 2016
Hugo Hua

MD 2015
Michael Faschan
Melissa Youn

MPA 2016
David Arthur
Margaret Geisler

MPA 2015
Aimee Dinwiddie
Mike McCarthy

Lauren Caroatta

MM 2015


Dr. Donald Sussman


Phoenix is an advocacy group for students at EVMS. We are here to confidentially help students with their personal concerns so that they can meet the challenges of student life.

The Phoenix Committee helps students with mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, and family concerns. If you have a concern about yourself or a classmate, contact any Phoenix representative. Phoenix maintains complete confidentiality in any assistance sought. No record will be made of your contact with a Phoenix representative, or with a referred service, and nothing will be added to your academic file. If you are not sure if Phoenix can handle your particular concern, do not hesitate to ask.

Once contact is made with Phoenix, we will listen to your concern, and guide you on how best to proceed. This can include a referral to Student Mental Health Services (SMHS) or a number of other resources. For more information on SMHS, please see attached document. To the left are the student representatives and their email addresses. For faculty representatives and other contact information, see the roster to the left of this page. 

Call the SMHS to set up an appointment: 757-446-5888


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