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HOPES MASTER SCHEDULE.  Senior clinicians can select shifts on this form.  All others are scheduled by lottery or HOPES staff.  Senior clinicians are MD14, MD15, MPA14.

Directions to the HOPES Clinic.

Shift Conflict Form.  Use this to tell us you need to give up your lottery shift.  Tell us before Sunday. **Note: If you fill out this form your are GIVING UP your shift. If you are unsure if HOPES will conflict with your schedule or have any other questions, email us BEFORE filling out this form.**

Register to work at HOPES here.  You are required to attend a HOPES Volunteer Info Session when you change programs, such as med masters coming back as med students.  Watch for new student info sessions in August and in January.

How HOPES Works  Volunteer orientation presentation.  Download it for best results.

Questions?  Send email the HOPES Student Relations team at hopes4students@googlegroups.com.

Haiti HOPES is a completely separate student organization from the HOPES Student-Run Free Clinic.  You can find info about Haiti HOPES under Outreach.

CNN Article: "Free Clinics Ready to Fill Obamacare Gaps"

HOPES in the news...

HOPES Grand Rounds: Cause of Death?

“Social Barriers to Medical and Psychiatric Care”

with Susan Girois, MD, Norfolk Community Services Board

April 10, 2013

Presentation materials      Video is on Accordent

HOPES Leadership can access the HOPESInternal wiki.

How to Volunteer in HOPES Clinic:

1. Click here to fill out the HOPES Volunteer Registration Form, you will receive email confirmation of your submission. **You do not need to fill out this form if you have registered for the August or December 2013 Lottery**

2. Wait for an email giving you access to sign up for the day of your choosing. You will receive confirmation once your date is locked in. View your wait list status on the Master Schedule, located on the left hand side of the page.

3. Can't make your shift? Please fill out a Shift Conflict Form.

Notice: You are guaranteed at least one shift for the academic year. You must re-register each August in order to receive a new draw number and to be considered for shifts for that upcoming year.

General HOPES Staff Recruitment is now closed. However, you may submit an application at any time which will be considered when additional staff is needed.  Click here to apply now.

Click here for full information on joining HOPES Staff.

Click here to see a diagram that can help you decide what positions to pursue based on your time and personal interests.


Health Outreach Partnership of EVMS Students

We are an organization that works to staff and run a free clinic for the underserved population of Norfolk. We currently operate every Wednesday and Thursday from 6-10 pm at the Norfolk Public Health Building, where we see uninsured patients of Norfolk on an appointment-only basis with attending physician supervision. Being student-run means that we rely completely on students to help us staff and run the clinic--both in and out of clinical hours.

The clinic is open over spring break and summer break.  We are closed for:
1. Major holidays, such as July 4 which falls on a Thursday in 2013
2. Thanksgiving week
3. The last two weeks of the year

We host orientation lectures periodically (at least once each semester) to introduce new students to the clinic format--once you've completed orientation you can sign up to volunteer.

How to Volunteer

HOPES requires volunteers to attend an info session, where we walk you through how the clinic works. Students in MD/PA programs, who have completed their Family Medicine or Internal Medicine rotations, can work as senior clinicians.  MD/PA students can work as junior clinicians starting in their second semester.  All students are welcome to work the clinic front desk.  We frequently have projects, in and out of the clinic, for which we separately recruit volunteers from all EVMS programs.

To get a junior clinician or front desk shift at HOPES:
1. Attend an info session
2. Register for the shift lottery
3. If you get a shift, treat it like a required class session.  You are representing EVMS.
4. If you don't get a shift, watch the waitlist tab on the master schedule.

  • For Faculty, contact our Medical Director Dr. Teresa Babineau (babinetw@evms.edu)
  • For the Community, contact our Co-Directors Ryan Tomberg (tomberrj@evms.edu) and ChengXi Wang (wangc@evms.edu)
  • For Students, contact the HOPES Student Relations Team (hopes4students@googlegroups.com)
  • For Volunteer Physicians, email hopes@evms.edu

HOPES Staff Summer 2014 < - - click to see staff list

Our medical director is Dr. Teresa Babineau.

Board of Directors
Co-Director: Ryan Tomberg MD15
Co-Director: ChengXi Wang MD15
Clinic Coordinator: Robert MacGregor MD16
Clinic Coordinator: Andrew Schneider MD16
Director of Patient Continuity: Weston Loehr MD15
Director of Development: Cyrus Askin MD15

Page Manager: hopes@evms.edu