EVMS Trauma Outreach for Hazardous Drinking (ETOH-D)

One third of all patients admitted to trauma departments nationwide are under the influence of alcohol. 

ETOH-D, with the support of the Trauma Department at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, is a student-run initiative designed to use the teachable moment of hospital admission to help alcohol abusers reduce their consumption. The goal of ETOH-D is to keep people out of the emergency room while at the same time reducing the healthcare burden of very preventable alcohol-related admissions and readmissions. To do this, ETOH-D uses evidence-based guidelines to perform a modified version of Screening, Brief Intervention, & Referral to Treatment (SBIRT). It is also researching the effectiveness of these low-cost, efficient intervention techniques on recidivism rates for alcohol-related trauma. 

This is a great program for pre-clinical health professional students who want to make a real, substantial difference in the lives of patients before they reach the clinics and wards. All health professionals, regardless of specialty or location, must be able to motivate their patients to reduce harmful behaviors, whether they are alcohol or drug abuse, smoking, or poor diet and nutrition. ETOH-D offers student training and hands-on experience in motivational interviewing early in their careers so that by the time they have clinical responsibility, they will have already integrated this skill into their repertoire. As the program continues to develop, ETOH-D hopes to train students throughout all MD and Health Professions programs, as interpersonal skills and motivational interviewing are relevant across all healthcare tracks. This program is also one of a very few, if any, such programs run and managed entirely by medical students

Board of Directors 
Executive Director:
    Mike Maloney (malonees@evms.edu)

Director of Administration:
    Susanna Lynch (lynchsk@evms.edu)

Director of Operations:

    April Goolsby (goolsbal@evms.edu)
Director of Training:

    Derwin Gray (grayd@evms.edu)

Directors of Outreach & Co-Founders:

    Gaurav Garg (gargg@evms.edu)
    Shawn Marhamati (marhams@evms.edu)

Faculty Advisor: 
    Leonard Weireter, MD (weiretlj@evms.edu)


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